Aarikka Snowflake Elf, Large Red

Aarikka Snowflake Elf, Large Red

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Hi, I’m Lumitonttu. ’Lumi’ is the Finnish word for snow, and all the variations of snow make me happy. The dance of the snowflakes, glistening snowdrift. Shining snow crystals on a frosty night are the most beautiful thing I know. There is nothing better than the crunching sound of footsteps in the snow and the pure white glow of snow under a starry sky.

Lumitonttu (‘Snow Elf’) is part of Aarikka’s family of frost elves. These table decorations are a great way to decorate your dinner table, to create a unique composition on a windowsill, or to give as gifts for lovers of high-quality handicrafts.

Material: Maple, felt.

Height: 7 cm