Ateenan Aamu Glass Sculpture Set/3

Ateenan Aamu Glass Sculpture Set/3

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Kaj Franck created Ateenan Aamu (Finnish for “morning in Athens”) after being inspired by the beauty of Greece and wanting to find a way to bring a piece of it back home with him. The sculpture is made of glass pendants, and when a breeze blows through it, the delicate bubbles make a soft, melodic sound reminiscent of church bells ringing in Athens on a Sunday morning. In 2011, Iittala relaunched Ateenan Aamu in honor of Franck’s 100th birthday.

The 3 pc art glass object hangs beautifully in a window, by a fireplace, or any favorite spot, catching the light. In production until 1994, Iittala relaunched the striking sculpture to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Franck’s birth. A memorable birthday, wedding, anniversary, or housewarming gift.

25 in long