Kalevala Silver Snow Flower Pendant,  Triple
Kalevala Silver Snow Flower Pendant,  Triple

Kalevala Silver Snow Flower Pendant, Triple

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Snow Flower is a modern classic of Finnish jewelry design. The surface of the spherical silver Snow Flower necklace shimmers with the magic of frost. In this version, three Snow Flowers swing lightly on a beaded silver chain with a claw clasp.

Kalevala silver jewelry is made from sterling silver, containing 92.5 percent by weight of silver and 7.5 percent by weight of copper. More than 80 percent of the silver we use is recycled, while the remaining silver comes from Nordic mines. All silver pieces are plated with pure silver. After silver plating, some pieces are treated with a dark patina dye that beautifully emphasizes the ornaments along with the grooves and pits in the jewelry. If the material information with the jewelry says ‘bright silver’, this means the piece has not been dyed after silver plating. All of our jewelry is made in Finland in compliance with the EU REACH regulation’s criteria pertaining to nickel.

42 cm/16.5 in

Kalevala recommends washing with warm water and mild soap after use, especially if the jewelry has been in contact with cosmetics (lotions, perfumes, hair spray, etc.). Silver jewelry always tarnishes over time. Tarnishing can be prevented by regularly cleaning the jewelry and storing it properly. The original package is a good place to store your jewelry. If you want to further protect your jewelry against the tarnishing effect of air impurities, you can keep it in a tightly sealed plastic bag, such as a Ziplock bag. Tarnished spots can be cleaned using a polishing cloth. After polishing, wash the jewelry with mild soap to make sure that the cleaning detergent contained in the cloth does not stain your clothes. 

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