Kili Baby Blanket, Grey Small

Kili Baby Blanket, Grey Small

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Jacquard wool blanket for kids designed by Masaru Suzuki! Made out of 100% New Zeeland wool spun in Europe. Warping, preparing, weaving, finishing, drying and fabric inspection are all done in Lithuania.

100% Pure new wool

24 x 35.5 inches

Only wash if the textile is very dirty, otherwise, take textile outdoors in fresh air for a while. Hand wash in warm water, 86°F, or dry clean. If using powder detergent, dissolve it in plenty of water. Immerse the blanket in the water and wash it immediately. Squeeze gently. Do not scrub, stretch, or wring out. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out most of the water. Press the blanket between towels until half-dry and leave it to dry in an airy space. Do not tumble dry. Iron with a damp cloth, max. 302°F max.