Lovi Seahorse 8 cm, Yellow

Lovi Seahorse 8 cm, Yellow

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Lovi Seahorse enjoys its life in the nooks of the sea, glowing in bright shades of coral.

When a seahorse finds a partner, it swims with the same one in the ocean currents for the rest of its life. Therefore, it symbolizes loyalty and trust.

You’ll find your favorite in the Lovi seahorse wide color palette. Alternatives include coral red, warm yellow, yellow, light green, dark blue and light blue. Why not put the whole set of colors together on the book shell or decorate the nursery with a row of perky shades?

The beautifully curved tail can be pressed into the base plate that comes with the package, allowing the seahorse to stand firmly in place. The Seahorse can also be hung by threading a thin thread through the last part before pressing down in its place.

Assemble a piece of marine wonder in your home or send as a gift to a friend. Lovi Seahorse is made of Finnish birch plywood. The product and packaging are 100% plastic-free.



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