Lovi Spruce Tree 25 cm, Natural Wood

Lovi Spruce Tree 25 cm, Natural Wood

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Lovi Spruce 25 cm is a natural addition to Christmas decorations. This table-sized spruce creates a peaceful atmosphere around it.

Spruce is delivered in a flat package and is assembled from ten parts according to the illustrated instructions in the package. Assembly starts at the bottom and finally, the treetop is pressed into place as a crown.

Add Lovi Minibaubles or Minibirds to the branches to bring color and variety.

Assemble and place on a bookshelf, windowsill, or side table, or create a Christmas atmosphere in your office. Assembly is easy and can be done without tools or glue.

The flat packaging is also easy to send to a friend. Made from Finnish birch plywood, spruce is an ecological and timeless gift that can be enjoyed from year to year.

100% Finnish birch plywood

Stands 25 cm/9.8 inches tall