Moominmamma  Mug Marmelade

Moominmamma Mug Marmelade

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Moominmamma is the pillar of Moominvalley and the heart of Moominhouse – a gentle and imaginative mother figure who doesn’t let little things get to her. Moominmamma knows the right thing to do and is always ready to give advice and comfort. Moominmamma looks after not only her family but anyone who comes to Moominhouse for a short or a slightly longer visit. Moominmamma knows how to enjoy life. She has a knack for making time for herself, often over a cup of coffee. She has Misabel as her maid because Mrs Fillyjonk from next door thinks the Moomin family needs one for their messy house.

Material: Porcelain

Size: 10oz

Care: Cold proof, microwave safe, oven safe & dishwasher safe


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