Lovi Reindeer 8cm, Bright Red
Lovi Reindeer 8cm, Bright Red

Lovi Reindeer 8cm, Bright Red

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Lovi Reindeer is a strong survivor of northern nature. The windy fells and forests of Lapland are the home of this brave horn-head.

The graceful appearance, wide hooves, and soft snout give the reindeer a sweet and friendly image. The reindeer may be considered a silly animal, but we believe these Santa’s helpers are a very clever bunch. How else would they be able to fly around the world with Santa on Christmas eve?

Lovi Reindeer carries the glow of the snow, great northern lights in the darkest sky, and warm Christmas greetings from the North Pole.

Assemble this little reindeer according to the illustrated instructions in the package and lift it to create a northern feel on the mantel, windowsill or bookshelf. Wooden reindeer is also a stylish addition to the Christmas table setting.



8cm / 3.125"

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