Lovi Chihuahua 6 cm, Brown

Lovi Chihuahua 6 cm, Brown

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Lovi Chihuahua knows its worth and takes the space it needs. The small size doesn’t say anything about the power that’s flowing inside. Large ears point briskly towards the sky, and the thin tail flails frantically as this little four-legged friend gets excited.

This cutie, adapted from the world’s smallest breed of dog, is available in black, brown, and natural wood. Assembly is easy, just join the pieces together according to the instruction that comes with the package.

Lovi Chihuahua enjoys the company of other dogs. He is on friendly terms with Lovi Labradors and Chihuahuas. Collect a pack of these wooden dogs on your desk to remind you of the importance of love and loyalty.

Tip: If you wish, you can paint a natural wood Lovi Chihuahua with your own favorite colors.


6 cm

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