Lovi Mouse 15 cm, Light Pink
Lovi Mouse 15 cm, Light Pink

Lovi Mouse 15 cm, Light Pink

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Lovi Mouse is full of sweetness, from the snout to the tip of its tail. Round ears, a cute little muzzle, and tiny paws. The chubby, round body is extended by a long, curved tail.

This curious little gourmet is always ready for adventure, especially if there might be something tasty to gnaw on. With a wildly wiggling nose, it scurries its way to the first crumbs of the morning.

Lovi Mouse is made from thin Finnish birch plywood. It is assembled from six parts which are placed piece by piece in their correct positions. Assembly instructions are provided with the package.

Assemble your own house mouse to peek out from the top of the bookshelf, sit on the windowsill or as a sweet detail in the interior of a nursery. You can also set up Lovi Mouse as an eye-catcher for a cheese plate.

You can also send it as a happy surprise to someone who loves little creatures.

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