Lovi Dachshund 12cm/4.75in, Brown
Lovi Dachshund 12cm/4.75in, Brown

Lovi Dachshund 12cm/4.75in, Brown

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Lovi Dachshund remains perky from the nose's tip to the tail's end. Feel free to choose your own favorite among five characteristic colors for dachshunds or form your own pack by combining several different variations. This little sausage dog is available in natural wood, cinnamon brown, black, grey, and brown colors. You can also paint the natural wood dog yourself! Feel free to choose bright, joyous tones and indulge in colors!

Tip! The colors can also be mixed! Would a cinnamon brown dachshund with black ears fit in your home, or would you like to provide a home for a natural wood dachshund with brown ears? Place an order for different-colored dog figures and try things out! You can find examples of mixing colors in the image carousel.

The vigorous design, sweet, tapered snout and enthusiastically pointy tail of Lovi Dachshund are full of attractiveness characteristic to their inspirations. Start the assembly process from the body, add the head, and finish the character by putting on the ears. Illustrated instructions included in the package will guide you through the assembly process.

Size: 12cm/4.75in

Material: Eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood

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